Nobamedi Co., Ltd. is a frontier enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting Solution Delivery System, Multi-Pin Needle, Syringe Mixing Tube, Needle Stopper, etc.

The sales headquarters of the company is located in Gyeonggi, S. Korea and its manufacturing plant clean room is included, where we are dedicated to R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of aesthetic appliances.

Our products have been selling in world markets like Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Southeast Asia with annual revenue constantly increasing.

Pursuit of “Be Different, Be Beautiful” is our shared goal. We will continue to keep closely cooperating with our customers in a broader field and try our best to provide higher quality aesthetic appliances in order to contribute to the ultimate benefit of human beauty.

  • 2022-2023

    Launched Crystal MINI

    Launched EXOHEAL

  • 2021

    Launched Crystal Care PDO Threads (Crystal Threads)

    Hycoox, Crystal MESO, and Crystal Multi Needles certified as Medical CE (CE2195)

    Hycoox Mutli Suction Injector and Crystal MESO certifed by ANVISA (Brazil)

    Crystal Multi Needles certified by CFDA (China)

    Hycoox Multi Suction Injector certified by TGA (Austrailia)

  • 2020

    Crystal Care Threads Brand Registeration (CE2292)

    Launched Crystal Care Solutions for Skin and Scalp

    Crystal Care Solutions certified as CPNP

  • 2019

    Launched Crystal 9-pin Adjustable Multi Needle

    Crystal MESO & Multi Needles certified by TGA (Australia)

    Launched Crystal MESO

    Crystal MESO certified as LVD CE

    Established Cleanroom manufacturing facility for Cosmetics

    Selected as an Export Frontier Enterprise

  • 2018

    Crystal Multi Needles certified as Medical CE (CE2292)

  • 2017

    Hycoox Multi Suction Injector certified as LVD CE

    Cosmetic Injector certified as LVD CE

    Launched Cosmetic Injector

    Certified as an Approval Exporter by Korea Customs

  • 2016

    Launched Hycoox Multi Suction Injector

    Launched Crystal 9-pin Multi Needle

    Certified ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

  • 2015

    Launched Needle Stopper

  • 2014

    Launched Crystal 5-pin Multi Needle

    Launched Crystal Multi Injector

  • 2013

    Launched Syringe Mixing Tube

    Certified KGMP

    Established manufacturing facility Established NOBAMEDI Co., LTD.